Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Personalized Gifts

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Last year for all the kids in the family for their birthday we got them a towel personalized with their name on them. I got the towels in December at Costco and took them to an embroidery person here in town. I had them all back and waiting for their birthday to come around. Everyone got the same thing - we spent the same for them and I didn't have to do any thinking or rushing around finding them a gift. Kids LOVE to get things with their name on them.

Here is a picture of the towels for our girls.



For this year we have not yet chose what we are going to get personalized - we considered tote bags and also blankets. Let me know if you have a great idea. We only have about 15 more days until the first birthday rolls around. We like to keep the total gift around $15 (including the personalization which was about $5 per item).

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Come back next week for a special post from my grandma - she doesn't know it yet but I am going to use an e-mail she sent to me as a guest post since we will just be returning from vacation.

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