Friday, October 28, 2011

Guess who is guesting!

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I am so excited to be guesting at Scrap Orchard this month, which is sure to be filled with lots of fun since Digital Scrapbook Day is just around the corner! 


As with my previous guest spots you know that new goodies come along with that.  This first week is no exception. I have a super useful template out – Calendar Countdown Blocks.  These can be used for so many things – holiday countdowns, birthdays, trips etc. or use them to count up – days of school, etc.


I included lots of layers so you can pick and choose what look you want by just turning some of the layers off.

countdown1 MAK 600

Amber (a honey bee at Scrap Orchard)

Christie (a honey bee at Scrap Orchard)

Oh and if you missed it up above… this will be 20% off this week.

Be sure to share the projects you create – I would love to see them!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beware! - Things Aren't Always What They Seem!

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Hello, there, everyone!

I have always loved Krisi's Sketch It Out - Cards: Sunshine template:

This template has inspired many great and "sunny" cards such as
this Hope This Brightens Your Day Card by Kaylalovesminnie:

or this Teacher Card by Tsmspt:

or this Thinking of You card by Sporte91:

But, beware!  Things aren't always what they seem - or, at least, they don't have to be!

What if the sun was not really a sun???  What if, in fact, it was a moon, and the brightness of the full moon's glow on Halloween Night could cast rays?  Well, then, you might end up with a
Halloween card that looks something like this:

So, don't be afraid to experiment!  Take a second look at some of these templates and see what else you can morph them into! 


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Monday, October 24, 2011

Manic Monday 10/24

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It is another Manic Monday at ScrapMatters and Krisi has put her Jr Legal Pad Wrap template on sale today.

I love any kind of stationery. Already in school I collected note pads, letter paper and erasers. So, the Jr Legal Pad Wrap template has long been on my wish list. But because we do not have this size pad over here (I live in Germany) I never got it, until I decided to give it a try this month. And I just love how it came out and I don't think it will be the last I made. I used a maget as closure, but ribbon or velcro would work great as well.

To make it I measured the pad I had and then I resized the template accordingly using the ruler in Photoshop. It's really easy as it does not have to be exact, because of the margins around the pad. I took the template for the back, chose the form of my flap and locked that layer with the back and side layers and resized the back to a size a little larger than my pad. Then I took the full front template and pocket template and copied them into my first document. Now I could resize those two to match the size of my back.

A picture of the inside:

So, if you have been deterred from using this template, because you cannot get your hands onto this size of pad, today would be the day to get it, because it is 50% off!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Hybrid Challenge: Party Favors

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If you love challenges and love hybrid or feel like you might want to give it a try, you should check out the hybrid challenges over at ScrapMatters. I always get lots of ideas for projects I want to try myself.

This month's Getting Hybrid challenge is about party favors. And I want to show you a few templates in Krisi's shop that make creating party favors super easy.

These Tag Templates, for example, are great if you want a very quick and cute project. Just fill a cellophane bag with goodies and close it with one of these tags.

And here's a totally cute example made by Tamara (tsmspt)

(image linked to gallery)

Can you guess which box template Melanie (Scrappymelly) used as base for this super cute owl?

(image linked to gallery)

Isn't that the most amazing idea? I totally love her idea for Krisi's Pillow Box Template.

Another fabulous party template is the Cake Slice.

If you make enough cake slices for a whole cake you have a gorgeous centerpiece for your party and your guests will love to get a piece of it to take home.

These are just a few of the pretty and helpful box templates that Krisi has in her store. We would love it if you joined us in the ScrapMatters Forum for this fun hybrid challenge.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Don’t forget another birthday, anniversary or celebration again!

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Have you ever forgot someone’s birthday?  I know I have but… now with my new calendar out {perfect to create for a loved one for the holidays} I won’t forget again!

Check out this fabulous inspiration from my team:

Jen – who put each calendar on a 6x8 envelope so she could slide the cards into the envelope for each person…. GENIUS!

Jennifer – Love the fun ring clips she used to spice hers up!

Go grab yours now and get started on your holiday gifts now!

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