Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reader Challenge Reminder and Hybrid Highlight

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Hello everyone! Christina here. Have you ever had one of those days where you have nothing to do but yet everything to do? Today has been one of those days for me!
I want to remind you that the Reader challenge for this month is coming to an end. Yes that also means
that June is ending and another month this year has gone by.
Time is flying by and I believe I am getting off topic :)
Rebecca has posted earlier this month on the reader challenge and in case you
forgot or just now see this you still have a couple days yet to play along.
This is copied off of her post :) 

If you want to enter the Reader Challenge for June, here's what you have to do:

1. Create a fabulous page or hybrid project using one of the products from Krisi's Store.
2. Post your project in the Krisi's Kreations Gallery at ScrapMatters.
3. Come back to the blog on July 4 to see next month's featured project and winner!
missi_me made a fabulous Anniversay Card using Krisi's Creations Square It layout and Card Template
It is linked to her gallery as ScrapMatters so you can see all her credits:)
Just love all the 3D elements poping off the page.
Click the image below and it will take you to it in the store :)
Love that you can make a card or a layout with Her Template :)

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Manic Monday

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On Monday, June 27th only, you can get this awesome Candy Box template for only $2!

Check out some of these examples from the CT:

By Karen:

By Rebecca:

By Dalis:

Hurry up and grab it in celebration of Manic Monday at ScrapMatters!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Square It – has something for everyone!

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Just want to start out by saying – THANK YOU to everyone for the birthday wishes I received and all the love from the digital stamps that I offered last week – they are still available if you missed them.  Watch for more sentiments in the future!  If there is a saying you would like to see released – let me know!

But for this week I have this template pack that was available at Log Your Memory when I was a guest in April but now it is available for everyone!  It has a 12x12 layout template as well as a 4.25”x5.5” card template as well!

And for a few examples from my CT and the CT at ScrapMatters

Heidi:                                                                        Jen

Jennifer:                                                                Karen:


Kat:                                                                           Inside of Karen’s (uses KK_It is Me font too)


Melissa:                                                                 Trista:


As always new releases are 20% off Friday to Sunday!  Oh and if you missed yesterdays blog post – go check it out – you might just have a chance to win the templates!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Release and a chance to win it!

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Hi everyone! Melissa (missi_me) here to let you know Krisi has a new release coming out tomorrow and you have a chance to win it!!
Just leave a comment here on the blog and you will be entered to win her new release. I will pick a winner at random at 10 pm (PDT) on Saturday. Good luck!

**The random winner is comment #2 Shayna. Please send me an email at for your prize code.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Easy Tags!

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Happy Wednesday, everyone!  LeAnn, here (scaccogirl).
I wanted to give you a quick look at one of Krisi's products that I used recently
and was AMAZED at how simple it was to make a great-looking product.

My mom needed some tags for teddy bears that her church was giving away to people who are older and can't make it to church any more.  I knew of the perfect solution!

I used Krisi's Tagged It templates:

It was super-simple to add papers and elements to these tag templates.
The hardest part was choosing which one to use!  :)

There are a couple of ways you could potentially print these tags.  One way is to separate the layers and print, so that you have more dimension to the end-product.

Because these were being mass-produced (relatively speaking), I chose to keep the layers together and create printable pages with multiple tags.

No matter which way you choose to do it, I am sure you will find it easy to come up with a beautiful product!

Have a great day!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Gallery Spot light

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Hello everyone! How is everyone's day going? Lot's of rain and thunder here. When it thunder's it shakes the house! I was looking through the gallery of Krisi's Creations and I must say it did me some good. Now I want to go make something :)  I saw this really neat ribbon made with Krisi's Accordian Flower template.  I never thought making it as a ribbon!

This was made by sporte91 using Krisi's Accordian Flowers

You can use these for all kinds of Hybrids, layouts, boxes, cards and Ribbons:)


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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today is the day! Plus a freebie for you.

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TODAY is my birthday.  33 years old… a 1/3rd of a century… 2/3rds the way to 100… 30+3… 15 anniversary of turning 18… anyway you look at it – today is my birthday.  I was born 3pm EST so really I have a few more hours of being 32 but who’s counting!

Head over to my store at ScrapMatters and check out the birthday sale going on {discount will show in the cart} save 33% off off everything in my store until Sunday night so head over there now and grab some things you have had your eye on.

And be sure to check the forums at ScrapMatters for a couple RAK’s.  If you don’t yet follow me on Twitter and Facebook now is a good time to do it – you never know what I might post over there today.

Don’t leave yet I have for you another… a Digital Sentiment Stamp!  Works for paper crafting, hybrid, scrapbooking and more!  Be sure to check out the other posts from this week for some crafty goodness from my team and the freebie I posted on Tuesday.

Download from 4Shared

And if you are new to my site, go sign up for my newsletter and be sure to check out my other blog ThriveFoodHomeStore.  I am a Shelf Reliance consultant too!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hybrid Favourites

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Hi, Karen (bydelstorp) here to start a new feature on Krisi's blog about our favourite hybrid tools or embellishments.

But first I want to tell you that it is Krisi's birthday tomorrow and that means you get some presents, too.

Krisi's Party Hat and Cake Slice templates are still 50% off today only and if you haven't already check out yesterday's post for the first freebie.

For today's post about Hybrid Favourites I chose ribbons. They find their way on most of my digital layouts and I also love to use them for my hybrid projects.
When I first started to buy ribbons I just could not resist the lovely patterned ribbons that were available, but I found that I rarely to never use them in my projects. The patterns either don't go with the paper style the colors fit with or the multicolored ribbons do not match the color combinations in my project. So, my suggestion for those that are just starting to build a little crafting/ hybrid stash would be to get some solid colored slim (1/8" - 1/2" width) ribbons in those colors that you love to use for your projects first and see where that leads you. Solid colored grosgrain, organza or satin ribbons are not very expensive and are the ones that I find myself using the most.

And now lets see where ribbons come in handy in hybrid crafting.
Ribbons are perfect to close boxes like Krisi's Milk-Cartons

(pictures are linked to the ScrapMatters Gallery for full credits)
gift box
Or her Candy Box

I also love to use ribbons as handles for bags
One example using twine on Krisi's Card Purse: Wide

Gift Bag
Another where I used organza ribbon with the Large Backpack template

I loved the paper ribbon that came with the kit I used for this card made with the Sketch it out - Cards: Strips templates and wanted to use that, but when I had printed everything I decided that tying an actual ribbon would be much more effective

A pretty ribbon and a simple flower made with Krisi's Flower templates can transform a simple recycled jar of preserves into a beautiful centerpiece
You can find the tutorial on how to make this flower here

On this Pillow Box I tried out something new and hot glued my ribbon in pleats around a punched circle until it was completely covered. To cover up the center where the cardstock was still showing I added a button, glued the whole on a simple fabric flower from the dollar store and VoilĂ  I've got a gorgeous and inexpensive decoration for my project.

I hope you enjoyed the inspiration and don't forget to come back here tomorrow to check out Krisi's next birthday present for you.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Highlight: Getting Hybrid Challenge: Accordian Flowers

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Tamara (tsmspt) here bringing you some ideas for flowers! This month's getting hybrid Challenge at ScrapMatters is hosted by ScrappyCath and is all about flowers found here. You don't have to make a whole project, you just have to make some flowers. For my project ideas I am using Krisi's Accordian Flowers.

I make my first project for a BBQ contest that is coming up for Ladies Fellowship. I used a Kit by The Design Girl called Backyard BBQ.
I have a picture of what I designed in photoshop and the flower I made. Don't be discouraged about how the center of the flower looks because you can cover it. There is a hole in the center.
And after cutting it all out and adding some ribbon here is the finished project.

Here is another project I made using Krisi's Accordian Flowers and Some Parts from ScrapMatter's April Mix A Kits.

Here is the project. I had my daughter cover this paper pencil holder with tissue, then I made the flower decoration with my digi goodies. Then I added some flower lollipops for a sweet teacher gift.
I hope you will have as much fun as I did using Krisi's Accordian Flowers.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Looking Back: Box it Up Basket

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Today we are looking back at one of Krisi's older templates. The Box it up Basket. I made this for my daughter's teacher at the end of the school year. I love this box because you are not limited to only the size of the box. I put 2 books in it and just let them stick out of the sides.
It was really easy and super fast to make. I came home from work and made it before I went to bed. I made it in my editing program and then printed it out and cut out all of the pieces. I like to cut out my embelishments and re-glue them on with 3D dots. I also used Krisi's new word art, Write it Out: Moms, Dads and Grads. To finish the basket I punched holes in the top (They are marked on the template), threaded some ribbon through it and I was finished. One thing that I noticed has worked for me is I use glue dots on the seams. I used my tape runner and they fall apart. To make the books fit I rolled them and tied them with the same ribbon I had used on the basket. Here are the pictures of my finished product.

Hope you enjoyed a little inspiration because I really loved having an easy and beautiful box for my present.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

TUT: Double the use of your templates

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When I am looking for templates I look for templates that can be versatile.  Let's look at "Sketch It Out - Cards: Sunshine" by Krisi's Kreations. It is a cute card template, but don't let the "card" label fool you.  I look at this template and see possibilities. 
In this mini-tutorial I want to show you one of those possibilities. I am going to make a goodie bag topper.  They are a very simple project to make, perfect for beginner hybrids and to let your kids help you.
Since Father's day is pretty close, we will be doing a Father's Day goodie bag topper.  
  1. Sketch It Out - Cards: Sunshine by Krisi's Kreations
  2. Write It Out: Moms, Dads & Grads by Krisi's Kreations
  3. Make a  Wish kit by Secret Stash

Here is the final look to my project.

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