Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Make your own Flower Decorations

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Hi, everyone. I am Karen from Krisi’s CT. In the forums I usually go under the name of bydelstorp.

Today I want to show you how a recycled glass jar, a little sand or, as in my case, white stones , pretty ribbon and a few printed flowers can make a beautiful decoration for a summer table.

I used a gorgeously grungy paper from Serenity by Happy Scrap Girl Designs

And Krisi's Create it Yourself: Flowers v. 1

For my project I chose the flower at the bottom, which is really pretty and easy to cut out.

And here’s my printed page. I did not have enough to print to fill an entire page so I cut one up into quarters to get photo sized paper that I could put into my printer's photo tray.

As you can see I printed different sizes. I wanted to see how they turned out and then print more, but I then decided that layering the flowers in different sizes would be just perfect. You can also see that one of the flowers is slightly cut off at the edge. I never seem to get the paper perfectly aligned in my printer so I always need to keep an edge around my designs. Here I did not worry about the cut off edge since I wanted my flower to be grungy anyways and did not worry too much about accuracy when I cut them out, makes them more real.
Since I wanted my flower to be a little shabby and grungy, I distressed the edges and crumpled the flowers into little balls after I cut them out.

After straightening them out again I curled the petals around a brush handle to give them more shape. Anything round will work for this. I use whatever falls into my hands first. Chopsticks are great for this as well.

After I liked the shape of the single flowers I glued them together in layers. Again tweaking a bit here and there until I liked the shape, and added a button with twine to the center.
Then I tied some pretty ribbon around a recycled glass jar from the pantry, glued the flower to the bow with a glue dot and voilĂ  I had a custom candle jar that matched the beautiful milk and sugar set that I inherited from my great grandmother.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today and I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial.


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  1. Karen, this was excellent!!

  2. thanks for the great ideas, love how you did your flowers, and the great photos. Love the whole concept.