Wednesday, June 8, 2011

TUT: Double the use of your templates

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When I am looking for templates I look for templates that can be versatile.  Let's look at "Sketch It Out - Cards: Sunshine" by Krisi's Kreations. It is a cute card template, but don't let the "card" label fool you.  I look at this template and see possibilities. 
In this mini-tutorial I want to show you one of those possibilities. I am going to make a goodie bag topper.  They are a very simple project to make, perfect for beginner hybrids and to let your kids help you.
Since Father's day is pretty close, we will be doing a Father's Day goodie bag topper.  
  1. Sketch It Out - Cards: Sunshine by Krisi's Kreations
  2. Write It Out: Moms, Dads & Grads by Krisi's Kreations
  3. Make a  Wish kit by Secret Stash

Here is the final look to my project.

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