Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hybrid Favourites

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Hi, Karen (bydelstorp) here to start a new feature on Krisi's blog about our favourite hybrid tools or embellishments.

But first I want to tell you that it is Krisi's birthday tomorrow and that means you get some presents, too.

Krisi's Party Hat and Cake Slice templates are still 50% off today only and if you haven't already check out yesterday's post for the first freebie.

For today's post about Hybrid Favourites I chose ribbons. They find their way on most of my digital layouts and I also love to use them for my hybrid projects.
When I first started to buy ribbons I just could not resist the lovely patterned ribbons that were available, but I found that I rarely to never use them in my projects. The patterns either don't go with the paper style the colors fit with or the multicolored ribbons do not match the color combinations in my project. So, my suggestion for those that are just starting to build a little crafting/ hybrid stash would be to get some solid colored slim (1/8" - 1/2" width) ribbons in those colors that you love to use for your projects first and see where that leads you. Solid colored grosgrain, organza or satin ribbons are not very expensive and are the ones that I find myself using the most.

And now lets see where ribbons come in handy in hybrid crafting.
Ribbons are perfect to close boxes like Krisi's Milk-Cartons

(pictures are linked to the ScrapMatters Gallery for full credits)
gift box
Or her Candy Box

I also love to use ribbons as handles for bags
One example using twine on Krisi's Card Purse: Wide

Gift Bag
Another where I used organza ribbon with the Large Backpack template

I loved the paper ribbon that came with the kit I used for this card made with the Sketch it out - Cards: Strips templates and wanted to use that, but when I had printed everything I decided that tying an actual ribbon would be much more effective

A pretty ribbon and a simple flower made with Krisi's Flower templates can transform a simple recycled jar of preserves into a beautiful centerpiece
You can find the tutorial on how to make this flower here

On this Pillow Box I tried out something new and hot glued my ribbon in pleats around a punched circle until it was completely covered. To cover up the center where the cardstock was still showing I added a button, glued the whole on a simple fabric flower from the dollar store and VoilĂ  I've got a gorgeous and inexpensive decoration for my project.

I hope you enjoyed the inspiration and don't forget to come back here tomorrow to check out Krisi's next birthday present for you.

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