Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Showing off some templates in action

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My 2011 Calendar Templates are perfect for finishing up your calendars for next year or use them to help you scrap your day to day photos.

Ramona _ january-2010
From Ramona


And if you have not yet signed up for my newsletter... click there now ...  we will wait... you will get this fun template tomorrow ... so go buy the chocolate now (it is a coupon item at Costco if you want to stock up this month!)  This fun box is perfect for giving a little holiday something to someone.
From Tiffany

Have a great rest of the week... I will be back on Friday.

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  1. Do you have a tutorial for how to place paper behind the dates and for how to type information into the calendar squares? For the life of me I cannot get paper to clip behind the number squares and when I try to journal into a square I have to keep putting text into multiple layers because it won't wrap my text to stay inside of the square. Thank you.