Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{Project Life} Week 15 with digital link up

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Well I made it home from Salt Lake City where I attended a Shelf Reliance convention. Be sure to check out my blog there to see the new products they released.

Here are a couple pictures from this past week – my pages are not finished but this is a start.

Photo Apr 08, 11 42 03 AM - Copy 

Photo Apr 08, 11 48 18 AMPhoto Apr 08, 10 24 59 AM
Think we like gum? I pulled it all out because my mom wanted a few packs.

Photo Apr 12, 3 48 29 PM
The first day I was there we went down to Shelf Reliance headquarters and took a tour. This was in the packing facility.

Photo Apr 14, 11 46 26 AM
We walked down to Temple Square and had lunch at Lion House – I was not really all that impressed with the rolls – did I miss something?

Photo Apr 13, 11 39 25 AMPhoto Apr 13, 9 10 15 PM
A couple of the new products released (sign up for my newsletter to see them all)

Photo Apr 13, 5 50 44 PM
From convention – room mates and another local consultant

Photo Apr 14, 5 50 28 PM
Me with my upline at convention

I need to get the photos from my hubby’s camera for while I was gone but that was my week! I had a great time and the food was so yummy!

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