Friday, April 16, 2010

Calendar It: 2010 & 2011

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Are you a calendar person?  Are you doing P365 or P52??  Do you like to do a Month In Review?  What about create calendars for gifts?  If you said yes to any of those you will love what is coming out today!
Calendar It: 2010 Layered
Here is the 2011 version... so you can get started NOW on your gift giving calendars for next year and not stress at the holidays!  For those of you who like to rush at the end of the year I will remind you that I have this product in the store closer to the end of the year as well!
Calendar It: 2011 Layered
For those of you who are thinking well 2010 is a quarter of the way over... your right but check out some great ways these calendars were used for P365 and P52 pages.
From Amanda:
Amanda - P365
From Tanja:
Tanja - P52
And then here are some calendars for next year as well as some even for later this year.
From Margie
From Amanda:
Do you notice that EACH and every square is its own layer????  Yep you can personalize EVERY SINGLE BOX (if you want).
From Jackie:
They come Sunday to Satuday as well as Monday to Sunday too.  Also as you can see from Tanjas calendar she changed the days of the week names... super easy as they are on their own layer!
From Tanja
From Margie:
Margie - Jan
And two from me.
Krisi - June 2011
Krisi - April 2010
And then last but not least check out this fabulous project from Katrin (my April guest who will be staying on with us!!)
Isn't that just beautiful!

But wait... This week only you can get the 2010 calendars INCLUDED in your download when you purchase the 2011 templates NOW!  There is no need to put both items in your cart - simply purchase Calendar It: 2011 Layered and your 2010 calendar pages will be in your download files.
I am working on the free template download for those who are subscribed to my newsletter... can't wait to reveal it!  Until next time.... happy hybrid creating!

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