Friday, October 22, 2010

Calendar time!

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Sorry there was no release last week.  I tried hard to get something together but in the end I just ran out of time! I had surgery on the 11th, I am slowly starting to feel more and more like myself.

This week I definitely made up for nothing last week - I have a whole collection of calendars to release this week!  And the best part about them is you can dress them up or keep them simple and sleek.

Let's start with the 4x6 size

And let me show you some eye candy in this size {I have some for each size actually!}

From Tamara:

From me {the stand is something that came with my Bind It All}

Here is a look at all of them through October. I just need to get a picture for Nov & Dec and then I am finished!!!

and then we also have 5"x7" size

From Margie:

and also 4x8 sized

From Karen:

and a few of the other pages that Karen did:


I just love how she colored Sunday another color and circled the dates for birthdays!  What a great idea. 

From Sharon:


From Margie:


and then the last in the desktop series - CD sized {fits into a CD case}

From Rebecca:



Just love how she is putting the calendar together with no pictures.

And from Dalis:

CD_Dalis2 CD_Dalis


Then for those who just like to give a little something to someone or you have a small business and want to create a personalized item to give your customers at the holidays this is perfect:
This item is only available at Scrapable currently.

While we are talking about calendars, I also have these great calendar items available in my store:



Phew... that is a lot!  Have a great week and see you Tuesday for Templates in Action.


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