Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday... and new releases!

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Good morning, I am hoping that I am sleeping right now if you are reading this Friday morning - which means that I was able to get everything on line this year! Online shopping is really the best, especially when it is so cold out (now no one hate me but here in California the mid to low 30's is just too cold!).  ScrapMatters has fixed the problem and you can shop right at home in your PJ's. Now is the time to get your favorite items from my shop (or any of the other fabulous designers at ScrapMatters) for 40% off Friday and Saturday (and then a little less Sunday & Monday).

Now that you know about the sale - it is time to show you what new goodies I have out for you this week - and are all part of the sale!

Gift Card Greeting Card Templates by Krisi's Kreations

gift_tanja gift_tanja2

Tanya (SM)

Melissa (SM)

and for those who prefer to give a little cold hard cash (or maybe you just owe someone some money but want to put it in a cute card) I have this template for you:
Money Card Templates by Krisi's Kreations


or you can do as Sarah did and turn it into a coupon holder!

And finally I have created an envelope set as well. These fit the cards perfectly but also work great for budgeting, store list (inside I put the coupons I am going to be using) or for a letter on note paper.
Cover It Up: Money by Krisi's Kreations

The envelopes that Katrin did are just beautiful:
money_katrin2 money_katrin

I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving (or Thursday for those in the rest of the world) and that you have a fabulous Friday.  Be sure to check out this thread over at ScrapMatters for a great chat on Friday and Monday with prizes awarded at both of them!

And a little plug for ShelfReliance - if you like FOOD... you should check out this great Black Friday sale going on!  You can see all the details on that blog and if you are interested in ordering something simply send me an e-mail and I will get you set up to order online.  The blog is HERE.

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