Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Style Trends

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One thing that seems to be very popular lately is vinyl quotes that you can put on your wall. The letters are cut out with a Cricut or similar machine and then stuck to the wall, letter by letter, or using transfer tape. It looks really cool, but all I can think of is the labor involved! So I am excited to see that there are easier ways to put up cool wall art with your favorite quotes. It can all by done on your computer, printed out on nice paper, and framed for the wall. Portable, easy, cheap, easily customizable to your tastes, and no special equipment necessary! Maybe you're like me, and have trouble coming up with your own quotes. Luckily there are designers to do the work for you, like these templates from Krisi's Kreations:

I'm excited to see what may be next in this series (no pressure, Krisi! lol)!


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