Saturday, November 12, 2011

Phew… What a week, but something new

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This week has been exhausting, thanks to this little girl…


I remembered that puppies were lots of work but I didn’t remember it was THIS much work!  After having her here with us since Tuesday I can honestly say she is SUPER smart. She is an Australian Goldendoodle from Cutiedoodles and she really is amazing.  Already learning where she needs to “go hurry up” (what we say for go potty) – outside!, learning when we come in she has to sit on the mat to get her paws wiped off (wouldn’t you know it would rain this week), learning to love her crate and just have fun!

But she is a big part of the reason that this post is going out so late!

Well it is official I am an ORCHARD GIRL, I have left ScrapMatters and found a new home at Scrap Orchard. So with this move I will slowly be moving my previous products into my store, it will take me a little bit of time – I have new examples to create and repackaging to do!  If there is something you are wanting to see me move over soon, just let me know.  KrisisKreations at gmail dot com

I do have something new for this week though and I hope you like it!


I have seen this type of item floating around the craft world for awhile and I knew I wanted to make this template digitally so I could easily give these little sanitizers to the people I work with and what a cute way to package them up!

Here are a couple examples from my team and the team at Scrap Orchard:

SHARON make this cute one with butterflies and bright colors.  (notice that she printed on both the inside and outside – by printing on the front and backside of the paper).


And this one from AMBER that has both chap stick and antibacterial gel, and is all packaged and ready to give for Christmas!


These can hold an assortment of items – use your imagination.  Be sure to show me. I promised a link to my designer gallery and here it is:

And two items that I am re-releasing are:


and these envelopes. These envelopes fit the standard size card – a letter sized piece of paper, making them perfect for


Both of which are perfect to grab now for the holidays.  A few examples:



Hurry and grab it before 11:59 EST tomorrow (Sunday) to save 20% off all three templates, AND if you buy both the Gift Card: Greeting Cards and the Cover It: Invitation you will save 30%!!

See you during the week for some other inspiration and tips.   If you are not busy on the 16th – check out this Make it Snappy (a speed scrap).


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