Friday, February 12, 2010

Flip Top Box and Hybrid Bootcamp reminder

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Valentine's day is such a great day to show our love even more than we do on other days!  I hope that you enjoy your Valentine's Day with someone special (even if it is just you - as YOU are special!).  This week I have a flip top box for you. This box can be a solid box or you can cut a whole in the top (like I did) and put a piece of clear plastic in for a little window.  Use this box for cookies, candies, small photos or trinkets, even gift cards!  Great for party favors as well.

And until Valentine's Day is over you can grab this for 14% off!

Don't forget that ScrapMatters is having Hybrid Bootcamp during the month of February. Be sure to check it out. The homework prize for this week will be from me!

Also one more thing. If you missed it -- I now have a newsletter - simply enter your e-mail address in the bar on the left and you will get news delivered weekly and great tips every month (and probably some special newsletter subscriber only discounts as well).


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