Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sneaky Treat

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I know I am late posting this but I finally got the pictures off the camera to post with it! But as I promised in my menu plan monday post - I am showing you our sneaky popsicles.


So... I know Pamela at Keeping Life Creative posted about her sneaky smoothies. Well we too have sneaky smoothies but I put in lots more stuff to be sneaky... cabbage, carrots (a few baby ones or a full size one cut up), and then lots of fruit strawberries (with the green leafy tops), cantaloupe, apricots, blueberries, blackberries, etc. All the fruit is frozen so I don't add any ice. I do add some juice but usually use the V8 Splash (50% juice) that also has more hidden veggies in it. 

So I make up a smoothie... we enjoy a small cup each (we have those great IKEA cups that come in fun colors) then with the rest (I make big batches so I can freeze either in smoothie size cups (I use the plastic restaurant cups that have a lid) or into popsicles.

I picked up a great popsicle mold at Bed Bath and Beyond in a end of the season (is there a season for popsicles?) for like $10... pricey still but it has been SO worth it.  So I put the extra smoothie into the popsicle mold and then we can enjoy popsicles that are all good stuff (I don't usually even add honey if I know the fruit is sweet).

Rachel enjoying her sneaky smoothie pop (really she loves them - she was just sick of me taking pictures!)

I love to hear sneaky ways to get good stuff in our kids diets... do you? If so check out Keeping Life Creative and link up on Tuesdays (like I said I know I am late).


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  1. Oh, I should get one of those molds! How great. Cabbage, really? Do you just puree it with the other smoothie ingredients?