Sunday, May 9, 2010

menu plan monday

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This is the first time I have posted my menu plan here on this blog but I have been menu planning for about 2 years now possibly longer. There are times that I "forget"... I don't forget to eat but just don't have it all planned out for the week on Sunday.  I will say when I don't plan out the menu what we end up eating is not all that healthy, thus the reason I really try to have a menu plan each week.

So what are we having this week?

Sunday - Porcupine Meatballs (lunch) and then grilled hamburgers for dinner

Monday - Pork Chops (just pan grilled) with peas and carrots and mashed potatoes

Tuesday - Broccoli Beef

Wednesday - Relief Society activity - dinner will be served
                           Adam and the girls will have soup

Thursday - Meatballs (from the freezer) with gravy and mashed potatoes

Friday - Homemade Pizza (cheese and sausage/pepperoni)

Saturday - Relay for Life during the day so not sure what our plans will be for dinner

Breakfasts -
Cold cereal (not the healthiest but they do like {frosted} mini wheats) and I get it just about free with coupons
Eggs - these are always free - thanks mom (or I guess I should say thank you to her chickens!)
Healthy waffles  (our freezer is out so I will be making more this week)

Frozen Blueberries
Cheese Crackers
Smoothies or smoothie pops (watch for a post on Tuesday about them)

Do you plan out your menus?  Want to see what others have on their menu plan? Check out OrgJunkie


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