Friday, August 27, 2010

Explore.Learn.Grow - Backpack Printable

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Did you see the backpack template about a month ago?  Guess what you get when merge this kit  Explore.Learn.Grow from Sahlin Studio.


and the backpack template

You get this printable backpack... a great way to try hybrid out! Perfect for those that just want to print and assemble.


The example shown is THANKS but I also included one that says For You as well plus I included stars So this can be used all year round!

What a fun printable!  Can't wait to see yours!

Check back soon as I am working on getting the tutorial put together so you can see step by step how to put it all together!

Here is another look at my finished product:


And here are a couple other new examples using the backpack template:

backpack_Dalis Backpack_Dalis2


backpack_katrin backpack_kaybe


So as you can see the backpack template is very versatile.   Having a ready to print backpack allows you to it together fairly quickly! 

Have a great week!


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