Monday, June 14, 2010

menu plan monday

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The weather has shifted here -- it is now getting up to the mid-nineties now! Yikes I want that 60 degree weather back!  So with the change in weather some meals from last week did not get made as we went out to eat instead. I know bad me but... I have signed up for all sorts of "birthday clubs" with various restaurants. Well they start rolling in the first of the month so we start using them!

Sunday - Leftover Benihana's (mmmmm)  We always ask for the dipping sauce (mustard and ginger) to go - they bring little containers. With the extra sauce we can cook a little more steak or chicken as well as more vegetables when we get home to go with our other leftovers.  We still have more sauce so one night this week might turn into Benihana night again!

Monday - Chicken Enchiladas (we ended up going to Red Robin when this was planned last week)

Tuesday - Steak, rice, baked beans and salad
{make waffles}

Wednesday - BIRTHDAY night!  Uno Chicago Pizza

Thursday - Red beans and rice (no real recipe here - just an assortment of spices and a chunk of ham that is in the freezer)

Friday - Turkey and all the fixins
I have had a turkey taking up WAY to much space in my freezer and it is probably getting a little old - I got at Thanksgiving - so... time to cook it!

Saturday - Birthday Party for lunch and then leftovers for dinner

The kids start week one of two summer camp. Mom is probably more excited than they are!  So because of that I didn't really plan out each breakfast and lunch.

For more menus check out OrgJunkie

Have a great week!

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