Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hybrid Favorites

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I am a little late posting. I just wanted to bring you one of my favorite tools that I use when I make hybrid projects. It is my craft knife. I can cut so many more things with it than sissors. With sissors it looks choppy to me and the lines are not as clean. I can also cut very small things with the craft knife. There are tons of different knives so sometimes it is hard to decide. I found the big thing is to have a sharp blade. I also like to have a grip with a little cushion to it. The other thing to check is that your blade is tight before you start. Mine came loose one time and part of the way through my cut the knife went the wrong way. Here are some examples of the knives I use.

The blue on is I only use for small projects. Both the orange and the pink one are great for projects with a lot of cutting. The one thing that I love about the orange one is that it does not roll off of the table when I set it down. Hope that gives you an idea of what to look for when you need a craft knife.

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