Monday, January 2, 2012

{Monday Mix} Organizing with Hybrid

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Many people look at the beginning of the year as a fresh start – I know I do. And one thing I have been doing TONS of is cleaning and clearing out.  I went through my spice cupboard just before Christmas and even though I use it at least 3 times a week I was reminded of this fun project I did a couple years ago and thought I would share.


What other things can you do with baby food jars? Organize anything small.  It might be out in the garage with screws, nuts or bolts or maybe on the desk holding those small annoying erasers that go over the old eraser, and don’t forget to use them in the craft room for eyelets and brads.  And then of course right in your kitchen for spices & seasonings.


Get creative with what you combine from home with digital scrapbooking designs and create fun projects to give or keep.

Show me what you are doing to include digital scrapbooking with organization.


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  1. very cute i have some of those around, cool idea, thank u for sharing