Thursday, January 19, 2012

{Tutorial Thursday} Calendar It: : 2012 11x8.5 Templates

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Ready to get organized for the new year? Tackling Project 365 and looking for a way to organize all of your pictures? Then look no further than the Calendar It: 2012 Templates from Krisi's Kreations. While I used the templates originally to create a calendar to hang up for each month, I've also discovered that the template is extremely versatile and can be used for other projects throughout the year:

Project 365: I've hopped on the Project 365 +1 band wagon this year and am striving to take at least one picture a day that captures a moment, memory or snapshot of my life that I'd like to remember. I'm using the Calendar It templates to clip each of these pictures onto the calendar block for that day and at the end of the month, will have a month full of my daily snapshots to add to my album. Here's where I am so far this month!

Meal Planning: I also discovered that the templates are a great way to plan out a month's worth of meals so that at any glance, I know what we're having for dinner. I added a picture of each meal for each day that it will be served to remind me of what I should shop and cook for that day. The templates made it easy to visually plan a month's worth of meals in a snap and the best thing is that if I'm ever wondering what's for dinner today, tomorrow or next week, all I have to do is find it on the page! If you didn't have the pictures for your meal, you could also include the information in a text format each day.
These are just two out of many ideas on how to use the Calendar It templates but hope that they inspire you to put your own spin the templates. You can find these templates in Krisi's Kreations store in Scrap Orchard or by clicking on the template picture above. Happy crafting!

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