Monday, January 23, 2012

{Monday Mix} Hybrid Home

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Hi, everyone! It's Rebecca (reboscraps) here with a quick and easy tutorial for you. When I saw the Plan It: Menus in Krisi's shop, I knew it was the perfect thing to cute up the fridge. I've often made lists of what's for dinner, but always on scraps of paper here and there. I used her Menus template and cute digi scrap supplies to make a permanent fridge list that I can reuse again and again.

I started with these two products from the Scrap Orchard Market, first of course is, Krisi's Plan It: Menus

and I added papers from the Family Reunion Collab by Jady Day Studio and Suzy Q Scraps

I liked the vertical template best, so I designed my project, and printed it out:

I'm going to show you how I laminated mine, but if you don't have a laminator you could simply slide this into a standard letter-size page protector and trim the side with the holes. This would be a super quick and easy way to make your menu reusable, and it would look something like this:

You might notice that because of the printer margins, I ended up with some white borders on my printout. I decided I would trim those off:

Another option would be to layer your scrapped print with a solid sheet of paper if you prefer a bordered look, like this:

The layered look would probably work great if you use a page protector, but I wasn't sure the thickness of the paper would work in my laminator, as I haven't done a lot of experimenting with it yet. I decided to skip the extra sheet of paper, and I actually like that my project will have a little extra lamination around the edges, I think it will give it some added durability. Here's my project ready go through the laminator:

A quick trip through the laminator:

After it was stuck together, I added some peel and stick magnets to the back, and the project was ready to look cute on the fridge!

Now, I just have to plan some menus!

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