Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{Wacky Wednesday} Organizing Wine Ephemera

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Hey there! Stopping in with a quick look at how I used Krisi's Jr. Legal Pad Cover to do some organizing...of my wine ephemera! I have collected snippets of this and pages of that and a couple of pamphlets along the way, and I thought it was time to put it all together into a wine dossier.

This is the template I used:

Krisi's template is (obviously) sized for a Jr. Legal Pad, but I found that a little thinking outside the box :) will get it to fit a small 6-ring binder, as well!

I started with the binder because I wanted to use a zipper pouch for more secure storage.

 When I printed the project, I printed an extra page, the "simple wrap", to make sleeves on the inside of the cover to slip the front and back of the binder into.

Here's the finished product:

Some notes from a tasting, and a map tucked into the pocket:

A short list of some of my favorites, and a piece of a label tucked into a pocket page:

Blank paper for future events, and the zipper pouch with extra clips and such:

The closed cover, secured with velcro:

Hope you are inspired!

Oh!  And I used the Free Fall kit from Sherwood Studios for this project.

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