Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{Wacky Wednesday} Organizing and using a “jail”

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{picture from photobucket – not my actual box – but very representative of it!}

The new year always makes me want to organize more, better, again, etc.  Does it do that do you?

Something I just started this year was I created a “jail” basically a place to put everything I think I want to get rid of but am not ready to take the plunge yet.  For instance – At the beginning of January I reorganized my utensil drawer in my kitchen. We have more kitchen tools and gadgets than anyone could possibly need – and I am beginning to realize that (finally)!  So I took the things I thought we were not using and put them in a box in the garage – it has been over a month since I did this, and I have only gone out to get one item from the box. The rest is going to goodwill the next time we go.

I am going to do this with some digital supplies as well as they seem to multiply and I don’t go back in to use them later.

Want to get something organized?  Here are a few resources from around the web that might help you:

Or if you are someone who likes to read eBooks – I liked this one – Tell Your Time from Amy Lynn Andrews

And here is my pinboard of Organizing stuff!

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