Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{Project Life} Week 6 & Digi Link Up

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Happy Valentine’s Day!  Sorry I didn’t post on Friday or Monday – it skipped my mind that it was my turn to post!  I do have my new products that came out this past week down below for you to see though!

Each year I think I am going to have a grand plan and do all kinds of fun things for the kids and hubby but I never do! I did get them a few presents (clothes for the girls & coupons for dad) but that is as far as I went.

Have been to work 3 times – I survived!  Actually it was quite enjoyable, my patience was much better and I really felt like I was able to make a difference.

Now onto why you are here – Project Life. I just love seeing everyone’s pages – a little peek into your life! I didn’t get started early this week, I did it tonight – but I love the collage pictures I added in. They are templates from Designs by Lili (I could have created them myself but decided it would just be easier to buy them – since this project is all about making memory keeping easier (and it totally has made it easier).  The papers are from Chelle’s Creations – What a Hoot kit and the fonts are Veteran’s Typewriter, SMD Niki & my own handwriting.

Here are my pages – kept pretty simple this week (well I usually do but these seem even more simple than usual):




Did you include something about Whitney Houston on your pages? We grew up listening to her music – and was tragic news to hear of her death.

Linking up with:  www.themomcreative.com and http://www.one-happy-mama.com/

Link your digital pages here:


A hybrid template – simply clip your papers to the template – print and assemble.

and this paper pack:

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  1. Thanks for throwing the Digi-Linky Party!

    I included Whitney Houston's top ten hits on my pages. So many of my Junior High and High School memories flood back with her music, it only seemed right to include her.

  2. So glad that someone is doing a digital link up--love seeing the digital out there! I didn't include anything about Whitney....for some reason I didn't even think about it. So far my album has been much more about us, versus what's going on with the world. (I think that will change over time though, right now it's so new I have plenty of stuff to write about that includes us--but let's have this conversation in June...I will be SEARCHING for things to include I am sure!)

  3. Ohhh I love how your PL looks with the background paper! I debated over that forever, and now I think maybe I went the wrong way lol.
    I didn't even think to include Whitney. :/ She was just IT during my whole childhood, so that is just fail on my part!
    Your pages look great, simple, yet stylish and beautiful can be the best! :D

  4. Another week of wonderful pages, Krisi! Love that you included the news about Whitney. I feel the same - I have so many memories attached to her songs. I may need to include something about her in this coming week. P.S. Your kids are so cute! ;)

  5. I love your pages!! They are so sweet and the style is so clean! Dont youlove digital PL? It is so much fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and thanks for directing me here :)

  6. Thanks for commenting on my blog and inviting me to your link-up! I love seeing other digital pages, and your pages are great! This is my first year doing digital, but my third year of PL. I've also switched to more of a "this is our week" format rather than a day by day format - it seems your layout is similar?

  7. Great pages! Makes total sense that you included Whitney Houston's death in your layouts. I'm thinking of adding something this week.