Saturday, February 12, 2011

Calendar It: 2012 11x8.5 Layered & Invitation Envelopes {with cutting files}

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One of my most popular items are my layered Calendars - they are perfect for customizing your calendar for this year {use the 2011 one} or getting next years done now... many like to have them all ready to print for 2012 when November comes around.  But they can also be used for P365, P52 or just random images from during the month. I also have one for 2010 as well that will allow you to put together a quick book of pictures from the year.

Some examples of ways you can use it:



Linda:                                                                           Me:


Next up I have an older product that I have updated with cutting files. Now you can easily cut out an envelope on your favorite electronic cutter.  The template set comes with 5 different envelope flaps and fits standard invitation sized envelopes {1/4 of a 8.5x11 paper} the cutting file is an SVG file. If you are unable to use that please let me know what type you need.

I know what you might be thinking... ugh! I bought this last year but I want the cutting files. Not a problem - simply e-mail me at KrisisKreations at gmail dot com with your order number and I will get you a coupon code good for 50% off so you can get the updated version.

Here are some fun examples for you:


Tiffany:                                                                        Jackie:
ciui_tiffany ciui_jackie


Hope you have a great week. I will be traveling to Utah for a Shelf Reliance convention and visiting a designer friend next weekend so enjoy this week, Valentine's Day and next weekend as well!

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